[quote=”Kelemelan” post=2908]btw, Caenis, it’s more that, to me, gaming is a social experience. It doesn’t feel right if it’s done solo. 🙂

    It can be fun as a quick and easy 5 mn game while you wait for the bus. But as I already said, I get bored if the passion isn’t “alive” as in shared.

    On the other hand, if I really want to “solo” an adventure, I’d just take a pen and write it. Since I’m usually a GM and not a player, that would be my most natural response. :)[/quote]

    And I didn’t see this till after I wrote a response, so…

    Yeah. I get that. In fact, to be honest, I made my solo male character in GW2 to play to keep from going insane alone all day. I may not be talking to anyone or playing directly with anyone, but there are others around and it keeps me from feeling so much alone.