Point is you’re saying “logical interpretation” and I’m reading “you’re talking to yourself”.

    What I find fun is when a GM is surprising me by doing stuff completely out there like dead serious cop campaign à la Hill Street Blues and dimensional travels, this happened irl but if you want it to be controlled you do need someone to set limits.

    Now maybe you’re talking about RPGs as single shot or short term games. Then well, I can understand that players wanna try whatever tool they have at hand but in the long run for years long campaign, I have little faith in these.

    I mean, there’s “off script” and “off script” when talking to a supers GM like me, if you get my drift. And when I play “logically”, I’m following “my” logic, not the rule’s or the game’s because that’s what’s fun to me. Where there are other players I’m going for a common ground, but since RPGs are about fun, as a starting point, I’ve no issue with flying pigs if you get the idea. ;P

    It’s about the middle ground between me and the GM (or me and the players). I really need a GM. 😉