Well, that’s the thing… In the example I provided above, there was no script.

    Before I began I established exactly 3 things: My character, the starting town, and the first adventure hook (caravan guard). That’s it. No other details about the adventure or events. I had no idea Higgs was going to encounter other mercs, a huge band of baddies, or if he was going to find the caravan as soon as he left town or not at all.

    The entire thing was “off script”, and 100% roleplaying as it relies on logical interpretation of the events around you as they unfold. If you can’t imagine your character there, in that location, encountering those people or places, Mythic GME will nit work.

    It really is a wonderful tool. I’ve also used it for 3 player games without a GM, and it works even better with more people. 🙂