@Fasoldgames I love stealth quests, particularly in Dragon Age: Origins. I went all stealth. 😀 I love being able to pick off all the bad guys in the distance. There’s a great game to play all stealth… an indie game called Betrayer which I love… I wrote a review of it on my gaming blog a long time ago:

    Oops…. wrong order:
    Betrayer part 1
    Betrayer part 2
    Betrayer part 3

    But anyway, I know what you mean about not being able to. I have known those who absolutely cannot. 😀 And in some games I just can’t either. Usually because companions misbehave.


    And yeah… what you’re saying is true too, but if it’s in my head, I’m usually writing rather than gaming. Writing is everything.

    I’ve been writing all day today. About to head into GW2 though and kill stuff. Nothing more therapeutic than killing stuff. 😀