I like being creative! Just too much. 🙂

    That is if the game is telling me to do something and I find it stupid, I’m not going to do it, period.

    My usual reaction in PnP is just to do something else entirely like pursuing my own objective. Point is in a computer game I can’t do that because what I want has to be in the game to begin with.

    What I’m just trying to tell you is that if you have to be creative, you can’t do exactly what you want, you’re just pushing the boundaries a bit. I just don’t want those boundaries at all. 🙂

    Now indeed computer games have the upper hand where the graphics are involved but my experience has been that exactly because of that, they are killing the players’ imaginations and their ability to picture something from a description or a text. This also affects quite a lot the attention span 😛

    So yes, I’m using graphics and pics (wouldn’t be here otherwise, hey 😉 😛 ) but it’s like all good things : must be used with just the right quantities or you spoil the meal. ^_^