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      – For the beast and familiar/pet options, I would like to be able to select multiple or each, rather than just one of each.

      – For the beasts, I would like to be able to move them to the front, like the familiars/pets

      – I would like to see a bear added to the beast pictures.


      i can answer of the gfx part. i will add bear(s) to barbarian pack 😀 thank you for suggession.


        It would be really fun if we could add our own backgrounds, equally some vector or bitmap objects.
        If that`s not possible in the near future, same plants for the background and foreground, which could be moved, perhaps even scaled, would be fine. Thus we could create characters half hiding behind a bush or a tree, or standing knee-deep in a flower meadow.
        By the way, you do very good work!


        Thank you for yout feedback! The next version will contain background generator and nowyou can save your character in transparent png format!

      Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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