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    You can write your wishes here.. for a special background or an item, or a character, or pose, or anything else.


      How about customizable backgraounds? Like changing scene and place trees, bushes, pots, statues, etc… there. Please make it happen! Thx!


      It’s good idea, i support it, if the coder says it can be make 🙂
      I put it into Ideabox


        How about a few backgrounds set under water to cater for any aquatic races. A filter for the whole image of subtle water distortions might be good as well along with a handful of clothings and animals that might suit the environment.

        Cheers, Akiazoth


        good idea, noted to my list, thanks!


          Human beard options! Please!

          I went to create a human barbarian concept I had in mine but only had the option for a rather civilised goatee.

          The dwarf range of beards, both separate and integrated with hairstyles, are great .

          Adding a handful to the Elves would be good too – not everyone has imagery of elves without beards/moustaches. Adding facial hair could also enable the creation of half-elf portraits.

          Cheers for the positive and quick responses by the way 🙂



          Thank you 🙂 Im working on it 🙂
          but i have to tell, im a female, and i dont have much experience, but i will write it as high priority.


          Current Release

          – Background Minipack
          – Ork male
          -Anthro Cat male
          – Modern Female
          – Anthro Cat Female
          – Modern Male


            Hi, I just found this yesterday and thought it could help me out a lot. I was looking for something I can use with my Deadlands and Shadowrun games mostly. So things with a Old Western flavor and a Cyberpunk feel (Particularly in props (Clothing/items) but also in races for Shadowrun like Orcs (which I see is somewhere and would work wonderfully with some cyberpunk-ish clothes and items, is it in the Pro Version?) and Shadowrun version Trolls (Which differ quite a bit from typical fantasy Trolls). Any hope for that?


            i know srun (since im big earthdawn fan), and possibly i will make an ork (trolls) in futuristic setting.
            the modern character is work in progress (the female is almost ready), after come the male, maybe after 🙂


              I would like to see more weapon choices including Katana, Wakizashi, Kusarigama


              i plan to modern character, but to the fantasy characters does not have oriental part.
              my aim is the items mix and match well

              Night Sage

                I personally, wish for more musical instruments to be incorporated. Flutes, Lyres, Ocarinas, Pan pipes, etc. The lutes are great, but a wider variety is needed for bards in my opinion.


                  Not being able to create age related characters is a fairly big limitation I reckon. I can’t create elderly wizards or other types of characters, which is a shame.


                  age related: if you read the forums, you know im working on the older, aged characters. (and teens. for kid will be a different character)

                  sorry, im slow, because it’s a two person project (coder+gfx), and we do it from our free time. if you read the forums, we working on this project allways when we can, and we developed alot (around autumn we will release the 2.0 characters, in HD resolution, with temated packs, mix and matchable packs, and even more features.

                  If you need elderly wizard, please write to here or here

                  have a wonderful day

                Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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