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      I am so frustrated and confused….

      I was just wondering what happened to the beautiful simple forum and site we had at epicgenerator dot net… this current forum and site is now really hard to navigate, and much seems to be missing. The comraderly and friendship is also gone. I was there a month ago when I got the new packs, and then a week ago I don’t recognise anything.

      I never received any notice at my email like I did about sales etc, about any changes to the site itself, and this currently has lost the charm it used to have, not to mention user profiles and other cool stuff.  I can’t even find where to message Bandy or anyone else for that matter. IMO, a very bad strucure. Can someone at least explain what happened to the site we all knew.


        Hi sojournstar,

        Welcome to the new site! 🙂 It was launched mid-January, and there was also a newsletter sent out regarding the transition, did you not receive it? We had quite a few issues with the old site we just couldn’t overcome and we needed to make a move we can no longer delay. I know this site is different, but one of the main issues with the old one was usability, especially on mobiles. It was really hard to navigate, and the Forums were also kinda messy. The only functionality we are aware that hasn’t been ported is the Gallery and the Partners page. So if you have any other observations or suggestions on what’s not working well do let us know! We are happy to receive all feedback and we’ll try to take each into consideration. Also the current site is far from complete. There are plenty of things we want to change both visually and functionally.

        For some more details on what happened in the past month you can have a look at our recent blogpost.


          No Bandy, I did not receive it… decided to try coming back today and it seems even harder to find anything.

          I went round in circles several rounds before I found this thread again.  I have not tried to load epic lately,

          and just thought I would visit to see if there was any further conversations or updates, not sure if I have issues or not, surely hope I don’t.

          I also miss having a little more control over my user profile, don’t like at all that I suddenly found my gravatar avi linked…. I am so over all these sites linking you to eachother, it makes it very unprivate. Been getting lots of unwanted mails lately too, NOT from here, but just because all these other places, like WP for instance, and googoo too lol, from spam that says stuff like, “your email was triggered by etc etc, and lots have been from some fake newsletter at some sh*t email, it is darned confusing, as well as intrusive. Anyway….

          Sorry to come and complain, but it is frustrating. I really like this little graphic software, and hope to see it continue progressing a long time, but I miss the fact that the coziness is gone from the forum and it has become so sterile.

          <3 BTW where are the freakin emojis 😉

          EDIT: HA just noticed if I use certain type codes emojis will work, but that’s too much work LMAO!!

          All I have to say then is 🙁 lol let’s see if that worked…





            You can edit your profile by either clicking your name, or visiting your Profile page and scrolling to the bottom. You can customize your display name, avatar, change what topics your are subscribed, etc…

            As for the forum, the structure is the same (well, I cleaned up some of the topics and did a bit of reorganization as there were far too many categories), and the only difference is that now you see 15 of the latest topics instead of 8, and that the search function works much better. I’m missing the option to list topics under categories, but this is something still needs work and I’m aware of it. It’s a completely different system though so it doesn’t make sense to try and force things over this one which it isn’t supposed to be doing, but so far except the one thing in listing, everything should be pretty much the same.

            Regarding e-mails, do you receive notifications when a new reply is posted? You can also search for “[email protected]” and add it to a whitelist if needed. I made several changes to increase deliverability, so hopefully no-one is going to miss out on future updates…

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