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    Hese is a small preview. The modern female have some new options:
    – earring

    She will have a HUGE wardrobe.



    midnight test



      The one before midnight is just radiantly beautiful. 🙂

      Also, the first one looks like Olivia Newton-John from the end of Grease, just younger. (those shoes…)


      Alot of new content
      We added alot of new content.
      From Swat unit uniform to goth chick stuff
      and: more coming soon. The wardrobe of this girl will be HUGE, did i say?


      Working on the hairs, and i also added some earrings.
      i found a strange problem (ok, not strange, but i have to solve somehow)
      If the earriings under the hair, they does not seems at long hair (it will be the solution)
      If the earring over the hair, it looks like weird (image bellow)..
      so.. conclusion: the earrings will be visible only at short hair..



        Great. I am gamemastering 2 modern/near future rpgs (beside Fantasy and Steampunk as well) and looking forward too NPC-pictures like that :woohoo:


          Hi Rita,

          I look forward to using this module when it is ready. Great for NPCs and Player characters.

          There will be lots of new modern outfits Nice to look forward to it.
          Do you have another set of backgrounds planned?

          Kind regards


          yes. i was afraid i will not have enough idea for modern, but i have to tell the truth it will have much more material for it than any fantasy


            Maybe split it into 2 parts, one for modern, present day clothes and accesories, and one for futuristic, sci-fi stuff?

            My problem is that some pieces could be, or should be used in both packs.
            Just an idea…


            No, I don’t want to make you pay twice. The buyer of one pack receives all stuff.
            Sorry for my bad english but i hope u get what i mean.


              Wow, crys for a new SF-rpg campaign 🙂


              which modern elements you want see?
              any special wishes?
              other element?


                Too many to list:

                – Helmets instead of hair (space helmet, military helmets, helmets with face mask).
                – Heavy armor, and armor that leaves some skin to be seen.
                – Robot pets, and vehicles for the large pet slot.
                – Urban, spaceship, space and planet backgrounds
                – Guns, big guns, chicks with guns. 🙂


                i made many helmet already, i will show some 🙂
                what do you mean heavy armor?
                Robot pets: this is too oblivous 🙂 also will have some mechas as “big pets” 🙂
                weapons: large scale from pistol over scifi weapon, laserswords, to stop-sign “shield” 🙂



                I’m finished to making weapons for modern girl. sadly my ps gave up, and i’m working in to psd, because the layer’s numbers is too high for my pc. what is good, it means lot of lot of stuff 🙂
                im working on the hairs, and i plan to finish her on this week.
                since the program’s design fantasy-ish, just for the modern characters have similar gui like this:


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