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    I’m working on next generation’s dwarf. If you bought the dwarf already, dont be afraid, you will recive it for points, don’t need spend money again.

    if you prefer the first version, please let me know, and i make a major update for him.


      I need some getting used to his proportions.
      Can you show us a picture, if he had a bigger head?

      For me, he would be perfect for a giant, I can’t see him as a 1 meter tall dwarf.


      this one?


        Now that’s one buff and tough dwarf.

        Or my eyes only needed a beard for the stereotypes.
        But I like the form of his head, small eyes, strong cheek bones.. ears. 🙂


        or this one?


        please give some feedback 😀


          Okay, I like this one.

          His pose is quite good, with some armor, beard and a helmet, he could make a real dwarven hero.

          Nice chest, but not overdone like the usual huge chest or pot belly dwarves.
          But maybe the overdone parts (like the cheek bones on the one before) define how we want dwarves to look like.


            I agree with Greg – the first two look more like a giant: The unproportionally small head and a slightly forward bent posture that a giant would have. I like the last one the most.


            dressed up (haha, sorry forgot to change the texture on his hand)



              Well, that’s an excellent looking dwarf.
              I’m speechless.
              *nods, than nods some more*

              The coat and the goaty makes him an ideal villain.


                Btw. do you think you should move his right hand a little – somebody might think that he is unzipping his pants 🙂


                *laugh* of course! i have to go for my son to kindergarden, but at midnight (if i dont fall asleep* or tomorrow after school i will make his pose less pervert 🙂 the other part of the pose is ok?


                  Yep, I think it’s fine otherwise.


                    Yes, the strong left shoulder is fine (and it will look great behind a shield), also his legs are posed for fighting.

                    I would keep the right hand if it can hold bigger weapons too. It’s in a neutral pose, holding the weapon at ease (or holding his pants from slipping).


                    his hand is ok?
                    also made a little change on his body (i put to other outfit, beard for test

                    as top will be the “body hair” choseable 🙂 (i a little bit overdid this one, not a jungle like this)


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