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    thank you! i did not know about it, i will make definiatly my version of human fly and other
    and some other anomalies as well
    kelemelan, i know you dont like wings, but i dont know how about the cyber tentacles from back.. 🙂



    some little bit thing is missing from every pack, so i will make a special pack, what you can only WIN with forum contest, and i put every little goodness into it 😀
    it will be a little pack, but i will update once per every month, or two. 😛


      Oh, I’m fine with wings, My kind of wings are just more of the comics kind (think Marvel’s Angel, Archangel, Death Bird or DC’s Nth Metal kind) . 😛 B) 😉

      Oh, and, you’re welcome ! 🙂


      still working on how can i make big wings without cutting off. we increase the image’s size and the place, but still.

      it will be a big pack
      many stuff missing, but already made 150 items


      im officialy ready with scifi pack 😀


        Screenshots from the program, still W.I.P. :


        Alien invaders now come with their own plants:

        Should I shoot it?

        Now with: scars, glasses, back item, chest item, thigh, implant, gloves and 2 weapons


        greg, can you mix it with other pack, and making shots from it? 😀
        im so curious

      Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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