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      Unless you intentionally unsubbed from a thread, the Notify me should be checked by default when writing a new comment. But honestly, WordPress isn’t exactly a high-speed forum solution. There are various components I need to juggle in the background to make this site somewhat acceptable speed, have a place for discussions, provide an option for Logins as well as purchases. The main reason I got the Discord server booted up is exactly that it’s much easier to communicate there and keep in touch. Forums are a bit of a shadow of the past these days, but at the same time, I wouldn’t want to throw it away or force anyone who isn’t comfortable with messaging apps like Discord to move over there. So while this remains a place of interaction, I’m not sure it’d worth sinking more time into investigating why specific features aren’t behaving exactly as we would assume they should. This is a bottomless pit, and I’m not sure there’s a solution in the end, unfortunately. :\

      All in all, if you want to play it safe, make sure you are both subbed and have the Notify me ticked when leaving a reply. 🙂


        Tricky thing is Forum doesn’t work the way it should…

        For instance: I posted message #31314 without ticking the box which did show as unticked for me and, despite that, it showed as ticked just after I posted the message…

        My guess is I’m getting unsubscribed because the forum is doing the same thing in reverse at times…

        Otoh, I’m not exactly hostile to discord but it’s one more active window running in the background and a pretty active one at that. I’m not really looking for that kind of media nowadays. I’m growing auld. 😛


          Oh btw, now forum seems to work normally. Everything shows ticked/selected as it should.

          Not a clue. ^_^


            One possible solution I can imagine is converting the Random “popup” into a toggled overlay, similar to the Coloring panel, which simply lists all the category buttons and then use the active/inactive states to toggle if you want that specific category randomized. To get this done is a few days of work, and in all honesty, I can’t recall anyone else wanted the Random button to function in a more advanced way in the past 7 years. 🙂 So while I’d be happy to do it just for you alone, I also need to be able to fit this into my priorities. As I currently don’t yet have an upcoming patch scheduled for ePic, I also can’t tell if/when this could make it into the software. If I could find the time to do it, and also have other things that’d support scheduling a patch, I’ll definitely look into it.

            Whatever you can do, I appreciate it. I completely understand where you’re coming from.

          Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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