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      I wanted to become an Epic Char Generator developer to make a little extra revenue. Question, I am going to buy the PSD exporter but need to know if I can import a rendered female model of my creation in Photoshop as a base model different from what you have available for season 2 and 3. Also, can I or we, create 2 new categories called poses and expressions that will give more options to the user? Having the arms down in standard pose gets old and boring….

      Thank you,
      Dane Barricelli
      [email protected]


        Hi Dane,

        Thank you for your interest in creating a new package!

        If you are thinking of creating a brand new character based on your own 3D model you are free to do so. The PSD Exporter is only needed if you want to export already existing character images from the software but is not necessary for you to be able to create new characters.

        We have lots of information on our Developer Guide here:

        Developer Program

        You can go through the video and download the Developer Package to get a better idea of how the program is structured and in what format you’ll need to provide the different layers for them to work.

        Expressions and various poses are supported, and they can be defined in the Config Generator standalone application under separate “sets”. We have different hand positions in the Season #3 Throne Lady packages for example.

        I’ll reach out to you by e-mail so we can discuss your ideas in more detail. It’ll be easier for both of us compared to doing so on the Forums. 🙂

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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