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      Just thought about it. What packs have a cave-like background? I’m also looking for possible objects or backgrounds that include a treasure hoard if that’s been added in a pack, yet.


        Since you can save the character as transparent png, it’s pretty simple to place it on a cave background picture of your choice.

        This trick was used several times over during the past contests.


        if i remember well, i made it for drows. but i will gladly make some into challenge pack for next month (The first challenge pack’s theme will be the modern).
        and the trasure hoard is very good idea!
        i will definiatly make it!!!


          Drow has a “view of the underdark” background, and muscular demo pack has the blue temple interior (so you always have that one), those are the underground ones. (picture description may differ from what Sade would call them 🙂 )

          Naturally, our Female Pirate has the treasures, heaps of coins and treasure chests.

          (Funny, barbarian is with drow background, and drow is with muscular background)

        Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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