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      I was wondering if there was a way to get more details on each of the packs to know what’s in it. I know there are some images for the DLC on Steam, but it doesn’t show tokens/card/portrait options (for those cases I want to use a particular shape, or a card that shows more of the body). While I’m debating getting each and every one of the packs for more versatility, it would help to know what exactly is in each pack so I know what order to get them in.

      P.S. I’m also not sure how to change my profile picture. I’d like to use a character I created using this program. XD


        As the webpage guy I can only answer your second part. 🙂

        On the front page, or the forum, where you can see the login module to the right, please click on your name, after “Welcome,”

        On this page, on the top right part there is a tiny “EDIT >>” text, click on that one.
        On the next page there is a line with “User Account Profile Information Avatar Image Forum Settings” , click on Avatar Image.

        It’s my bad that it’s so complicated, still working on a new user and community module.


        Most packs contain a few card and token option. I plan to make a pack full of recolorable card templates.
        Sorry I am not near the computer to attach a card example. Im sure Greg also will attach some examples 🙂

        Since we make the program mostly for fun, we are very a little, friendly and open community,and I never sent aybody away, who had special wish 🙂 (we have a special, unreleased, free pack for these wishes)


          Well, the square token is one I’m most interested in at the moment for the purpose of making avatar pictures for forums. I haven’t decided to try making cards just yet (and will probably buy the pro version when I do, and I’ll probably have most of the packs by then, as well). Anyways, this is a very nice program that you are allowing others to use for free so I’m thankful for what you have made. Keep up the good work. 🙂 I look forwards to future packs as they come.


            I got into a bit of a technical difficulty with the pictures.

            But specifically you get a square token with Drow Female, Male Adventurer and Muscular Barbarian.
            The other packages have round, hexa, oval tokens.


            It shouldn’t be a problem.
            I am gladly make it for next week,and as I told we also will have a free pack, and I put into it :))


              Some testing and a few packs later, I must say this looks magnificent and shiny guys. I’ll keep begging for a female superhero pack but even. This is just soo cool. 😉 😛 Really great work.

              Just one note (there has to be one), feels like the human companions are too tall when compared to the equivalent heroes, especially when they are supposed to be behind them.

              No way to make lois lane look frailer and shorter than superman while standing behind him at the moment, if you get my drift. 😛

              But yeah, everybody doesn’t need Lois Lane and it’s an awesome improvement. Congratulations. :cheer:


                I know, I got that complaint from Sade too at testing. Problem is : the companions are same height as the corresponding base (female companion same as female character, male as male) only exceptions are the 2 demon companions and the sci-fi afro elf with the gun.

                That means, they are good when side by side, but look higher when behind – perspective.

                I suggest a new feature : scale dial for companion and items. To let them be resized depending on distance (or if you want Clark look taller than Lois)


                  Yup that would be nice because at the moment, my point was that the male characters look the same size (or even smaller) as female characters who are supposed to be behind them.

                  That’s kinda freakish. 😉

                  A scale dial would be a fine tool for managing perspective as well. 🙂


                  i think bandy (who is the CODER 🙂 also planned a scale dial, just i am the bad, who allways give to him new and new task (it does not visible much, but in improvement), and bandy also workin on little “invisible” things, what makes the program better.
                  If you compare with the first version, you probably see we made a big step, and i am restless working on the program (without any spoiler :))


                    Yup, definitely, this is a huge improvement, I posted my praise earler on in post #1402. 🙂 😉

                    Now I’m pointing all the annoying little details that makes life a pain as I notice them. Just ignore me or add them to a todo list for 2025, whatever suits you better. 🙂

                    This may be dependent on screen resolution but when I have to adjust hue / saturation / Value, the sliders are on top of the Home and Random buttons.
                    End result: I keep being asked if I want to quit while I’m editing… :unsure:
                    Maybe smaller buttons or a different arrangement to get around that ?


                    please do 😀 it help alot the improvements!

                    i noticed the problem of my friend’s laptop, check it on full screen, not a windows mode, probably will help :))



                      If I go full screen or if the widow is ful screen, Sliders do not cover Random but they’re still on top of Home so the issue is the same. :unsure:

                      If the window is floating, well it gets worse.


                      i am sure lbandy will figure out something very soon!

                      ps: your resolution is?


                        sure, no sweat.


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