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      From the last two, I like (and excited for) the gradient colored hairs.
      Are they premade, or can you choose one or both of the colors?

      The look in the guardians eyes is priceless, I’m all for eye and skin option that change the emotion on the face.

      Also, that garter underwear is HOT! 🙂


      gradient hair: depends the coder 🙂 i think it’s possible from code.

      thank you, im glad you like it. i think im developed a little bit 🙂 im working restless on this program 🙂


        I really like these but now that you posted so many of them you start to see that there is something that makes them look a little bit similar. Maybe it’s those big eyes:)
        I think it’s important to try to add as much differences to the options as possible. For example:
        – Short, wild hair (now they all have beautiful long hair)
        – Different faces or expressions (if possible.. sad eyes, evil grin, maybe the little vampire-teeth etc.)
        – Bigger wings that are a bit more realistic in terms of flight-ability – but don’t let them crop of at the edge of the image (and many types: angel, bat, demon, etc.)
        – Primitive underwear/bikini: I see these fairies running and flying around half-naked in the woods… but cizilied clothing like pants and dresses are not very good for nature spirits and fairies.

        Just a few ideas.


        sorry, the generation show my taste ^^”
        -of course she have short hair too 🙂
        -face and makeup is not ready yet (im working on it, just im so rare can sit to work)
        -she have TON OF wings 🙂 in various size and shape and colour 🙂 its again just show my taste, sorry, if i will finish more or less the pack i will send the other artist, and she will generate different characters 🙂
        – she also have a bangage-outfit (i thought as base outfit), and some other
        – other type wings: no. this will be a fairy set, only fairy related wardrobe and wings. this will be too much this way too 🙂 bad part of tematical packs. stick to theme 🙂 (i also made some gothic stuff to her, but it will rest on the hdd, and wait the goth pack 😀
        thank you 😀


          Ah, ok. It’s a fairy theme pack. Of course there could a couple of naughty mischievous fairies that play tricks on people 🙂

        Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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