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    This girl comes with
    60 base skin (ordered in shades)
    She will have a tematic pack, first: fairy
    size: 1:1 without background



      Wow, I didn’t see that one coming. I normally really don’t like manga but with natural skin-hue and more realistic looking hair + other options this is going to be great! They make great fairies and sprites. Looking forward to seeing more of it!

      When do you think are more updates or packages going to be available? And which are planned next?


      the next will be the modern female, and male.
      after i move to another country, and i think i wont be able to work for october (handling the moving, the kid’s school, setting up a “new life”, new rhytm.
      near the making the new ones, while im here, im working small addons for the already avaible races, so lbandy will able to add small free updates (for ork, for elves, etc), so the life will not stop without me :))
      and you perhaps do not recognise, but lbandy still working on the code too.
      making categories for the upcoming characters, and other little changes, what you suggested 🙂 (i have to apologize again because of my terrible english, but i hope you understood me :))


        Good luck to your coming life changes – moving is a big thing, especially moving to another country.

        The categories are a very nice feature – they will be released at the same time as modern male and female (which will have multiple categories)?


          ThAnk you! The categories coming with our latest character modern/fantasy male. I have to clean some feature and idea, so when i come back, the characters quality also will better. Hd images,shadow on outfits and new wardrobe


            60 different skins?
            I’m still amazed, by how many different things for example the ork model can make, just by changing the skins.

            I will make lots and lots of fairie manga girls.

            Can you make her some special backgrounds, where she looks like flying, not standing on the ground?


            fast test
            this image size will be fine? (open image in new window)





            swamp fairy?



            warrior fairy


            still working on



              And they are getting more and more wonderful. 🙂

              Love the freckles and how her hair goes with her skirt.
              And the pose is really good, she holds the broomstick in a natural way.

              A real irish faery 🙂


              thank you so much, im happy you like it.
              the bigger version also releval her cat eyes.
              hint: check our raffle on the main page 😀


              guardian 🙂



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