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      http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/4_2015-01-09.jpg looks great 🙂

      Could there be a furry torso (and furry head/arms/hands…) to match the legs in http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/3_2015-01-09.jpg ? that would be sweet for animal men. 🙂


      OF COURSE 🙂
      you can choose animal legs for any skin..
      or snake tail, or anything
      that is the point of this pack 🙂
      (did i mentioned also mertails are choosable too?) 😛


        I was referring to the upper body parts (torso, head, arms, hands, etc) :).

        My question was : can you make them furrier so that they feel more like the legs ? 🙂

        I’m asking that for beastmen who could be completely covered in fur. 🙂


        it will have chooseable body hairs (and for hands and legs and other) with different thickness, and shapes.. 😀
        (i dont remember i made for him too or just the muscular, i will check, and if not, i will make it :))
        thank you for reminding


          Sure, no sweat, and thank you for that feature it’s gonna come in handy :cheer:


          ok, what i did not show it yet.. the merman.
          the mertail just a different lower body.. 🙂
          the first image the outcome, and i made a little blur, and little light on the second one




            That’s some exotic fish of a merman! (http://www.pxleyes.com/blog/2013/01/exotic-fish-underwater-photography/ 😉 😛 ).

            I would have expected bluish colors all over, but the contrast between the oranges and blue hues of the water look definitely amazing! Great composition and great result all over. 🙂

            In my opinion, the blur on the second one looks very fine in the water but it muddies the character. It would be nice if you could separate the two effects : keeping the character intact and still applying some blur effect on the water 🙂


            thank you 😀 i added some fishes already (the lionfish my favourite).

            im glad you like it. this skin originaly made for devil, but i thought it will fit the merman too :3

            i was rush in postwork, just wanted to give idea. i hope some people will make some “postwork” (or even a single crop) for make the images more for their style, taste 🙂


            ok, sounds like im finished with this pack

            the finals:
            5 addon to body
            5 background
            4 background items
            19 weapons in hands
            12 body skin option
            5 bracelet
            3 cards option
            6 companions
            8 hair/hair presets
            15 horn/anten/halo options
            6 loins
            15 lower body options
            11 wing options
            10 tails option

            More than 100 new option, giving thousand new characters.. 😀

            i could make more and more stuff for it, but i have to stop, because i never will finish it 🙂
            100 new item (more) per pack is sounds fine 🙂

          Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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