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    Theme: Supernatural
    Compatible: ie: male adventurer, every male “normal” bodytype

    First sneak peek:



    with this addon, you will be able to make a weird creatures too.. 😀


    ok. black panther



      Amazing and silly combinations. 🙂

      Panthersnake should get his own B-movie.
      But the sunburnt skinned devil is also top notch.

      I think we will see some more teasers from Sade.
      I couldn’t suggest her any new features she didn’t already do or is not in the process of making (you name it, from werewolf to merman).

      Please make some suggestions to Sade, I’m out of them 😀


      i dont need ideas 🙂
      i need feedbacks and wishes what character should i make for tests
      are they good or not 🙂


        They are fine. 🙂

        However could they be more muscular with somewhat more pronounced muscles and muscle tones or at least some skin tones to that end ?

        The way they are at the moment, they feel a bit too “normal” to me , as in not too “monstrous” or “scary” or even simply “Supernatural”; especially since they are meant not to wear any clothes most of the time. I believe more prominent muscles should be a way around that. 🙂

        Maybe some kinds of tight fitting auras could be other ways to do the trick too.


        Kelemelan, i love your feedbacks, did i say?
        I will definiatly remake the skins with muscular tones, and the adventurers skin have some “normal” and muscular skin also, what you can mix and match 🙂

        thank you for helping me 🙂

        ps:perhaps (depend of my time, and the filesize) in this pack will contains for _all_ characters the addons, so you will able to use with the muscular character too, and with the female character also.


        yes, the muscle tones are definiatly will make them better, thank you Kelemelan!


          Always a pleasure. 🙂


          he visited the gym
          is he better?



            [quote=”sade” post=873]he visited the gym[/quote]


            I like the veins on his biceps, gives it more bulk than the actual 3D would allow.

            But Kelemalan’s suggestion is good, when I think of a supernatural (beside the series), I think of guys like Hercules or Legion angels – a bit exaggerated, like the roman armor chest plates.

            Is there anything planned for the arms of the model?
            I could see feathered arms and shoulders, or a devil on flames, angel with a halo around the body, or demon with black aura around it.
            Stone, or bone plates on the arms, spikes coming out of the arm, etc.
            Or is that too much for the scope of this pack?


            i planned with limitations. you should not forget these creatures have to fit, and mix and match the outfits! (some will not able to wear pants, of course,or just special type, but still.
            halo around the body? halo is around the head. what you think, its a magical effect, what it have already..
            but as i see, you think special effect. fire and “magic shield” already have..
            before you say ideas, please think global, this pack have to compatible the other packs as well, hair, top, bracelet, etc.
            this is because we decided to make a next generation characters. making them totally compatible.
            i think i should focus before everything will be too .. chaotic.
            so with this pack you will able to make:
            -fairys. definiatly. windged characters.
            – angels, and devils, inkubuses, call as you want
            – some type of anthro characters
            – snake men
            at first its should be enough,
            – 10 special addon (fairy antens, horns, halos)
            – 15 special “legs”
            – 10 special “pants”
            – 20 other outfit parts (top, bracelet, etc)
            – 15 new skins
            – 5 new hairs
            – 15 wings
            – 5 background
            – 5 background items
            – 5 companion
            – 5 card
            – 5 token
            – 5 special effects

            its more than 100 new items. i think the numbers will change (usualy they growing even if i dont want 🙂


              Much, indeed 🙂

              Anyway, go crazy in this pack, just have a look at the source material (since you used a cat as an example) 😉 :

              Feline muscles tend to be very impressive, one domain where bigger is probably better, hey 😉 😛

              Plus they work fine (recolored) for demons, devils, imps, etc… 🙂

              Oh, and yes, I think the main bulk of the character matters a lot. In my opinion, unless you’re trying to draw a fairy (but well, then you should use one of the elven packs shouldn’t you ?), the guy should be big and impressive enough so that meeting him in a dark alley doesn’t sound like a good idea… Even if his look is somewhat exagerated…

              While dealing with supernaturals, I believe we left human proportions and rules behind us, didn’t we ? 🙂


              you see. mermaids. i will see i could put it into the pack.
              and other stuffs
              what is on my list


                Err… :unsure:

                Don’t want to be a pain but most of the time : fairies, winged characters and such are slimer, lither, suppler.

                On the other hand, most demons, devils, minotaurs and bearmen are usually massive inhuman monsters.

                And then snake-men, incubi, succubi, felines and so on are basically human (visually at least) with a few adjustments.

                You want to put them **all** in the same pack ? Aren’t you going to face some issues ? :unsure:


                the panther muscular and the unmuscular panther have same measures but the texture cheat your eyes. some light and shadow, lines told he is more muscular already 🙂
                i can play with it in one scale.

                we have two male character (the barbarian, and the adventurer, if you can identify them this way :)) i plan to make this expansion at first this male adventurer, and after to the barbarian muscular guy, and the female character.

                and dont forget about centaurs and merfolk 😀

                yes, this is what i told before i fly too much, i have to focus.

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