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    almost ready, only the _bg fix files needs, where needs, and the core files (bg items, bg, companions, effects, cards) yay!

    will be mix and matchable with adventure guy, and supernatural (the mixing is optional!)

    this pack coming with huge wardrobe for modern life


    random companion with random background and random bg item 😀



      Looks mean, that’s great. 🙂


      in this pack, i touched more “brave” to the card feature, so you will able to make visitor entry card, identity card, and more.
      not only from the main character, but the companion too.
      in this pack the companions will be other humans (bodyguard, girlfriend, etc)
      here is an example





        Good Idea ! I’ve been fiddling around with all kind of softs and art while looking for this. 🙂 B)

        Reminds me that first time I tried that, ages ago, I was using a dot matrix printer and a hand scanner… Remembrance of things past…

      Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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