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    Since i could not decide, and the packs are not released yet, i decided i make more addon in same time. So here is the sporty guy.

    (He will be mix and matchable with supernatural, and adventure guy -if you want fantasy modern mix)

    i did not make new skins yet, just outfits, here is a first preview
    (His top is tshirt+jacket)



    current wardrobe







      I can’t remember: is there some kind of boxer set that would work with the standard and/or barbarian pack ? Always fun 😉 😛


      the link: The requested resource could not be found.

      yes, its works with loins. you can mix the modern and fantasy, if you wish.


        Odd, link works for me, let’s try a direct link to the pic:

        Works better ?


        ahm, boxer boxer 😀
        definiatly makes some!
        any other wishes? (hair, watches, necklares, etc?) (male earrings?)


          Feels like leather (especially black leather) and metal are missing from your list maybe a few items made of such would be useful ? 🙂


            On the other hand, if you’re just looking for ideas, google for “sportswear” maybe that will help 🙂


            leather will be in goth addon not in the sporty pack (but if you really miss it, you found some in the adventurer pack), but which metal did you think?

            what i need ideas mostly for addons, and hands 🙂

            i also will ad surfer outfit and rugby and some other sport outfit and addon 🙂


              hey, you can wear leather without being Goth! 😉 😛

              But no worry, I typed my original comment meant for a general modern pack and then I took notice this was “modern sporty”, that’s why I eventually pointed you to a search for “sportswear”. 🙂 My bad. Sorry about that.

              Since you’re asking, and now that I’ve explained “metal” was meant for general modern, the type of metal would depend on the setting of course. Silver, gold, copper and such in steampunk and gothic settings; super-alliages, adamantium, vibranium, questonite in super settings… basically: what have you! Anything goes! 😉 😛

              Ok, now for ideas… well, let’s visit the sellers’ catalogs if you will (nah, I’m not one of them, I swear 😉 😛 ) :
              and about equipment:

              This should give you a few things to work with, I hope. 🙂


              here is a boxer short with fitting gloves.
              i also added some leasure leather stuff 🙂





              ok, i finish this pack, i made too much things for it 😀


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