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    Night Sage

      I am going to be playing Pathfinder here shortly, so I created my character, and thanks to ePic Generator, I have an image for what she looks like. So since there is a section here for sharing characters, I thought “why not?”

      So back story:

      Leana Fortnought is a Half-elf, her mother being human, her father the elf. Their relationship, has been deemed weird by some, due to the way in which they met. Her mother, used her bardic magic, to woo the elven ranger. Although, the Elf would claim that the magic never worked on him. Half truth, as it didn’t work all the time, but it did work on occasion. The two stay together because of love though, despite the strange, and confusing way that they met.

      Leana never saw much of her father, as he is a Ranger in the Elven army, he would get deployed to far away cities. However, she always looks forward to his return home, for he always had a memento from the far away place to bring back and share. Though she was never allowed to touch any because of how fragile they were.

      With Leana spending more time with her mother, than she does with her father, it is only natural that she would take after her more. Leana eventually became a bard herself. After hearing about this, her father brought home a special gift, just for her. It is a beautifully crafted ocarina, and Leana Cherishes it more than anything else she has ever owned.

      When Leana was old enough to travel on her own, she set out from her home, to travel the world like her mother once did. She never liked staying in a single place for more than 3 days, but as she passed through towns and cities, she would always stay and play her music, to earn extra coin for the travel ahead.

      One night, while camping along side the road, as it got dark before she managed to reach the next city, she was ambushed by goblins. Her not being much of a fighter, she made great haste to grab everything she can, before the goblins were right on top of her. She managed to escape, and ran straight for the next city, non-stop.

      She now currently resides in the city, working at the inn. She doesn’t get paid the usual way, as she works to have a room to stay in, and food to eat. She forgot how long exactly it has been since she arrived to this city, she just knows that it is longer than 3 days.

      Here is what Leana Fortnought (do not ask why I made her last name “Fortnought”) looks like. Her hair, I imagine being in a ponytail, and reaches roughly half way down her back. I wished there were Ocarinas to choose from, because then she would have an ocarina in her hand, or around her neck, instead of having a lute.

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