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      Hi to all, I bought some of these packages I think 10 months ago… and realized that Fertu, my Human Monk (D&D 3.5) wasn’t easily representable with these packages, nor there were miniatures suited for him on sale anywhere. Just found the closest character to my Monk with a rare Zell Dincht (Final Fantasy VIII) action figure almost D&D sized. When I took again ePic and invested some more time on it here the closest result I got for Fertu:


      Ambientation: mostly Greyhawk, but the story is completely written from our DM.

      [i]Fertu was born in a medium-nobility numerous family in the city of Mitrik, in the Archclericy of Veluna. His father was a former military officer for the church of Rao and retained its extremely authoritative demeanor in the family. No objection was to be upheld to its orders and the punishment were as much harsh as they were cruel. The education and reading was strictly controlled in order to eradicate any notion or thought not in line with the “Church of Peace, Serenity and Calmness of Rao”.

      The family imprint was heavily competitive, favoring the brothers (there were strangely no females) who spied upon the others and/or finished their task before or betther than the others. Sabotage towards other brothers’ work wasn’t punished as it was the responsibility of the individual to protect its own doing.

      In this terribile environment there was Fertu, who was always a rebel – hating so much its own kin that he always refused to spy or sabotage the other brothers and facing punishment stoically and with the head held high, to the point of self-sabotaging its own work in order to provoke the rest of the family… untl its 14th birthday, when the family decided to “volounteer” him to the Celestial Order of the Moon in order to improve
      Being used to sabotage and subterfuge Fertu escaped in the city of Mitrik, ending deep in the bowels of the city, where the peasants, poor and homeless. He was shortly after attacked by a scarlet-robed man, who was following him to bring him back – when he was going to be captured a fast white-robed shadow appeared and put the attacker on the ground… there was Katon, his future master in the Monastery.

      After the 7 years of man-breaking training in the monastery Fertu began to feel the urges of wanderlust, having read of a powerful relic which brought devastation on the world eons before… his concentration became to wax and wane until his masters recognized the situation and allowed him to take its own way in the world as a Monk, under the promise of returning at the end of his voyages to bring back what he learned…[/i]

      Now this is the extremely short version of it, the long story is made of 4 page of personal history and characterial traits, 6 pages of the life in the Monastery and 10 pages (and counting, adding as the campaign goes on) of diaries, all in my native language πŸ˜€


        Next, I’m presenting a never played character, so there isn’t any ambientation, all the background(this one is brief I promise πŸ™‚ ) is easily insertable in any campaign. It is based on D&D 3.5 and the Warlock class, which I love and can’t wait to play.


        Warlock, Male Elf
        Name: ‘Ken’ Ahzid Kendov [roughly translates in “The Bitter Warrior”]
        Full name: Kendov Zohungaar Zahrahmiik Qahnaar Paal, Aar Unslaad Daanik Vulom [roughly translates in “the Warrior Heroically Sacrificed to Vanquish the Foes, Servant Eternally Doomed in Darkness”]
        The war between the elven village of Gisir Arivae [roughly translates to “keepers/guardians of the sunlight”] and the Orc tribe Toor’ah [“Infernal Hunters”] was ravaging since centuries. The numbers of the elves were dwindling constantly while the fertility of the orcs allowed them to replenish the front lines with unfathomable speed. If that was not enough, the orcs were beginning to experiment with the Dark Arts, allowing them to evoke ranks of devastating demons that made the already declining number of elven Clerics steep down even more.
        The other elven villages were not interested: that war was their and their alone.

        The situation was so terrible that the remaining Village elders sat together for the one last time – their numbers were awful and many warriors were too young or outright infants [20-60 years old] while the veterans and experts could be counted on a open palm. So Dark was the situation that Darkness found its way in the elven light: nothing more was to lose, a desperate and blasphemous plan took form. 48 young elves were recruited and volounteered for The Deed: fight darkness with darkness.

        Those younglings’ innocence was to be sacrificed to the Nine Hells, and the act had to be volountary. That is how the first and the last elven warlock army was born. 33 young elves survived the Rite, and only 13 survived to the end of the war 10 brief years later.

        Those survivors were Marked* as heroes, but they were tainted. Episodes of psychosis, uncontrolled violence, depression put them aloof from their own community, that started sublty isolating them – even the Elders responsible for The Deed were deep inside regretful of their own decision, labeling it as a desperate measure for desperate time and they wanted nothing more than to forget about all of those dark times…

        …140 years have passed since the end of the War…

        *The Marks are a rare way used by the elves to communicate. Since elven villages are sparse and without regular contacts, people as heroes, commanders or dangerous criminals bear marks visible only to the elves that recounts their own story.

        Particular signs
        – Each night Ken has vivid nightmares, and often wakes up invoking a Eldritch Blast.
        – He sleeps the bare minimum but sometimes it is literally impossible to wake, his eyes roll back in their sockets and his skin becomes pale – almost white.
        – In the place where he sleeps often appear marks of Evil, as burned pentacles where he laid.
        – Sometimes seeing (not LOOKING) him with the corner of the eyes he appears as a demon.
        – Most animals tend to attack him or run in fear.

        He is totally Chaotic Neutral, his elven ancestry helps him to not fall to Evil but really, killing or passing through doesn’t really matter. All he wants to do is to discover some way to free himself from the clutches of the Hells, partly for revenge and partly to not become an instrument of Evil. What he does not know is that The Hells are a living and planning entity and not all of his actions are really helping to further its cause. His constant nightmares cause him to be aloof and not sociable; he prefers solving his problem blasting his way out.


          And this is the last one I created until now, it has not a real background as it was (and still is) a possible variant for Ken, the elven warlock. He is a Chaotic Neutral Human Male Warlock, with a sass and a fast firing Eldritch Blast.


          [i]He became unconsciously a Warlock after seeing a mind-breaking familiar scene when he was only 9. He was playing out of sight when he saw his mother cheating on his father with a neighbour, his father returning home and being attacked and stabbed by the neighbour. After seeing his beloved father die and his mother prey of guilt but arranging for the lover about how not be prosecuted The Boy came in sight, broken in spirit, and uttered a terrible Blasphemy “By the Hells, the Abyss and everything unholy I will avenge my father”. A burst of chaos invaded him and, unable to control it, killed his mother’s lover on the spot and wounded her… who then in horror of what her son became instinctively attacked The Boy, ending up blasted away to her death.

          He was then raised by the village but the difference with all the others quickly had him estranged and put out of the city – he was only 11, homeless and with a deep sense of guilt for his own killings and disgust (but not hate) for all of the living beings.

          12 long years have passed since then…[/i]

          He still is nameless, I didn’t think thoroughly to his own story having chosen the Elf, but never say never πŸ™‚


          wow, one of the best from what i saw! thanks for share it!


            Here’s Dar Kunor, a dark knight with evil karma. He’s my PC in a web game called battleknight, and only since Season 2 of EPICGenerator I could make a good impression of what he is. I tested the Barbarian Pack for this.


            Thanks again for season 2, that made possible the creation of this character;

            Here comes another impression of Fertu, the monk mentioned in the previous posts. The new software and packages allowed me to better customize his appearance, which also bears some changes happened during the current D&D campaign of whichi he is a character.



              Here’s the Female Elf sorcerer/wizard I created as na alternative to the male elf, for which there is no skin at this moment.


              I’d like to praise sade for the excellent work on the female options, ranging from hot and revealing to cute and pudic with the full range in between. I think I’ve been able to create a hot elf without her being too vulgar. By the way, I think I’ve fallen in love with my own character :blush:

              Just to be complete here’s the human male version of the sorcerer/wizard:


                Human male warlock/mage, similar to Ken the warlock (I still not have a real background for him).
                For this picture I praise the flaming elements that helped me to set on fire the mushroom forest, increasing the sense of danger and foul place (after all he is armed and ready to cast something naughty, why should he if he is at rest?). I found myself without serious hairstyles – they were all too glamour or exagerated. This is the only dirty, long and nto in the way style I found, I’d liked either a ponytail or longer hair.
                Also I found very few magic implements and spells for male characters, I love spellcasters so it hindered me a bit. Still the result is ten thousand times better than season #1.

                I introduce you Elaine, the female elf version of warlock/wizard. Here’s what prompted me to ask for removble blush/make up or more goth-like templates.
                She should be cute – she’s a pure elf after all – but she also wields tremendous and nefarious destructive power and is pretty used to battle, so this kind of “dreaming” look is a bit against the concept.
                Still, I have to praise both the models and the power of the software in season #2, the result is simply amazing.


                (just let you know we have user gallery, you can upload the images there as well… but if i ask, keep upload the stories as well, i love to read them πŸ™‚


                  These are really nice! I love the wizards, especially, and I agree that Sade has done excellent work on the female options.


                    I’d like to introduce you folks to my next character, a charming young elf called Falathiel [“Huntress”]. She’s a cleric of Sehanine Moonbow but cursed since birth to be a magial conduit to the Abyss – the source of the Demons. Thus she also has the abilities of a warlock, albeit she serves no master other than her goddess, which isn’t the source of her powers.

                    This time I did my research, or more correctly I adhered to what elves usually are. First and foremost elves tend to dress in shades of green and so I chose the colours. Most moon elves have dark hair (also I wanted to confront myself with a brunette, since I over-use redheads). Lastly, she may be half a cursed warlock with a strong temper and a worthy training in weapons, but she’s also and mostly a cleric so she wouldn’t be too heavily cladded. Elves tend to dress lightly and comfortably so I had to fight my tendence – the same of many other artistically challenged people – to add too many things.

                    The background is always a problem because I find that the choices are too limited. In this case I tried to depict a wilderness shrine, something that would fit a elven clerical order.

                    I used the “effect” to project droplets of light near the shrine, to create an ambient full of light and holiness… contrasted by the unnerving violet aura and the fliyng raven (bad omen) upon her head.

                    I usually stich to simple haircuts – adventurers learn quickly to be pragmatists – but I wanted to defy my own clichΓ¨ stating expressingly that she’s a cleric, it MUST be clear that she’s no fighter… nevertheless stay out of the receiving side of her offensive magic. I also chose to having her not wielding any obvious weapon: a staff with a symbol of the Moon (would have fit better if it was a full moon) and a sacred symbol.

                    The background is still in the making, for now there is a draft which I’d have to translate from Italian before posting it here. For now she’s the result of the strangest combination of events and divine intervention… But I’m thinking to explore also the “born again fallen cleric” path. I think it’s worth a shot.

                    I.) ORIGINS
                    [from the divinations archive of the Great Seldarine Temple]
                    “… The Seldarine found themeselves involved in the second battle ever fought in the Holy plane of Arvandor. Lloth Lady of Chaos, traitor of the Seldar, queen of the 66Β° pit of the Abyss, cause of the first war in Arvandor and of the fall of many elves, patron of the drows; allied with Grrumsh One-Eye, eternal nemesis of Corellon Larethian The Protector; perforating the ancient barrier that separated the Godly Realms from the Abyss, violating the sacred law of Ao the One conducted under the false promise of ascension to divine status and eternal power hordes of fiends in Arvandor.

                    With valor the Seldarine fought: Corellon Larethian in a deadly bladelock against Gruumsh his nemesis; Eilistraee the Night Dancer resolutely against the superior Lloth; Sehanine the Lady of the Moon guiding the Celestial armies opposing the Horde; lastly Angarradh Queen of Arvandor assisting in battle each of the combatants.

                    The fiends demise now inevitable, the two Dark Gods fled and left the Horde with no more escape routes to its destiny. Then it was when Fate, superior to the gods themselves, struck suddenly and mightily with the sacrest and rarest of the events: the ethereal silvery thread of the Astral travel appeared in mid air right in front of the Lady of the Moon, carrying the soul of a newborn elf down to the Material plane.

                    A new escape route improvisely available the Fiends, ever the cunning opportunists, way before the Seldarine realized what was happening, grasped their only chance to avoid annihilations jumping on the silver thread; inside the soul of the newborn they could take control and open a gate from the Material Plane to the Abyss…

                    Instinctively and with the mightieth courage Sehanine Moonbow detached a tiny fragment of her essence and uncanningly threw it upon the waning thread, thus securing a piece of Herself inside the soul of the new life that would guide her and help prevent the opening of the Abyssal Gate. The new life Fate would have an unthinkable importance…”

                    II.) FALATHIEL
                    Every single elven cleric in Toril felt the turmoil of the battle of the Gods. Three seasons after the War in The Sky, in the city of Ar Adoe, the miracle of life took place with the rare event of a birth – elves are graced with long lifespans at the expense of their fertility. Short was the time for the celebrations though, for a foul flaming pentacle appeared under the place of the birh claiming the life of the child parents, before they could even name the girl.

                    The temple emptied at once and each priest, cleric and sage rushed to the place of the unholy mahyem. Soon enough it became evident that the child was cursed, and the only possible course of action was the darkest one: the child had to be destroyed, for failing to do so would bring disaster to the already weakened elven people.

                    Just about when the cleric delegation was, with anguish and sorrow plaguing their hearts, to terminate the child a Moon ray appeared in the full daylight over the infant and all those who were present had the same dream-like vision: the girl would be named Falathiel and would be raised as a Cleric at the Temple; when she was grown up enough to decide for herself she would be free to choose her path for her fate was hers alone to follow.

                    The fiendish powers dwelling within her required constant concentration to be suppressed – each time her mind slipped terrible effects took place, like flaming hellish symbols appearing under her feet, impossibily hot flames appearing around her destroying her surroundings. It was of absolutely paramount importance to keep strong the connection between the good goddess Sehanine and Falathiel in order to help her resisting the influence of the Abyss over her soul when she was unconscious, all the meanwhile she had to learn how to exert a continuous self-control to bridle and suppress her demoniac powers.

                    For this reasons her childhood was characterized by extrem rigorousness; she was subjected to cleric training well before she could read or write and to harsh trainings similar to those practiced by warrior monks, in order to learn to keep control and lucidity even under extremely taxing or stressful situation. Unlike the norm for the elves she grew up mostly isolated from the rest of the community, in part out of concern for the collateral damage she could wreak if only she lost control for a single moment, and partly out of a slight envy because due to her direct connection to the Goddess, the power she held as a receptacle for the Abyss and the extremely precocious training she was a cleric more powerful than many city elders, let alone the common elves.

                    Nevertheless Falathiel grew up good, despite the tragedy surrounding her birth she was treated lovingly at the Temple. In time she learnt to refexively keep enough self-control to not be a danger for herself and those around her. Despite all this she hadn’t an easy youth: almost every night she was haunted by horrible and extremely vivid nightmares, often culminating in bursts of baleful magical energy or the appearance of demonic signs. This condition and her childhood spent in a much narrower environment than what’s sound for an elf weighted heavily on the young elf maiden, who grew up progressively less talktative, more distant and with a tendency to pessimism and sadness, yet animated by strength and empathy deriving straight from the Moon Lady.

                    Yet in time it became clear that her life was not meant to be spent entirely in the safety of the temple and that the temple itself would not be able to protect her from the Evil trying to pry in her eternally – nor to prevent the Evil dwelling inside her from spilling outside. She was born during a battle, she felt that much, and so she was meant to die (at least that was what she believed), turning against the Abyss everything it had given to her.

                    So Falathiel prepared to leave the city of Ar Adoe, training purposefully as a warrior cleric and, secretly as it wouldn’t be well received by the Elders of the temple, learning how to harness her inherent fiendish powers and to temper them with the Goddess intervention, untile the day she definetely bid her farewell to Ar Adoe, claimed her parents heirlooms and couragiously walked towards her destiny. Long after that, our story begins…


                      Very nice. I like the subdued colours, the black and green, and she looks like a very interesting character. Also, I like the detailed story you have provided.


                        Nice colors matching. I like your character story. πŸ™‚


                          First I say that I edited Falathiel’s post with her detailed background.

                          Then I created an evil mage, that travelled through time and space (that’s why he has those cool looking sunglasses). He’s a mercenary at heart but with his own agenda. He doesn’t gloat, doesn’t laugh… from the outside he seems an emotional wall of steel.
                          And basically it’s what he is, he learnt to not show his emotions in order to disturb the enemy and to not let any emotion interfere with his endeavours. His style is comfortable and striking – his usage of several outlandish apparels helps him in the psychological warfare. Not much else is know except that he is calm and methodical and that if you survive an encounter with him you can consider yourself lucky – even if he does not kill for pleasure.

                          Here too I chose to use the learnt lesson of not stuffing him with things. Also the colors are dark but not black – black does not exist or at least shouldn’t, in fact his coat is a bright night blue very subdued while the top is a bright red then subdued. I like his hair and stubble as they give him an air of “dont f*k with me”, which often means winning a battle without striking a blow.

                          I overuse the magic circles, I know… this time I put it on the background, almost not noticeable since it fits the window theme. The aura should be more red but problems with the exporting rendered it grayish – the same is true for Falathiel’s aura, which should be violet.


                            Just export the pic without background, recolor the aura, then add the background, then merge the two layers. πŸ™‚


                              Still a bug πŸ˜€ also I really have very little time to devote to ePic, so I stick with what goes out of the software πŸ˜€

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