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    pure mage pack
    *ppst* * whisper* this is my very favourite pack




      Oh, I’m sure it is and the girls sure look pretty, but what can I say ?… I’m a Conan guy. I like my fantasy games to be about blood, fire, wind, fury, swordplay, quite a lot of intrigue, and, just like our favorite barbarian, I get angry when the GM says out loud: “well, it’s magic” 😉 🙂 😛

      I’m sure someone more appropriate than me wil be able to comment on that serie. 🙂

      I like the swordwielders in the previous post, they look pretty mean. 😛


      at first we test for females. under the testing we also fixed some bug and making full screeen (i missed it so much!), and i will begin the demo GUYS 🙂 (both muscular and “normal” body type), and i m wait some for feedback which style of elf pack would you see at the females.
      btw, currently we have 5 female pack, will be 6 male, and 3 muscular, if i can finish everything in time 😀


      modern female

      little thing:
      if you use the program in little window (like me now), you will notice strange zigzags near the characters. Its because the images itself are big, and the program decreases the size. When you EXPORT the character, it won’t look like this! (i just made some fast screenshots, sorry, hunting for bugs)


        Oh, yes, lack of fullscreen mode was really a pain. I really agree. 🙂 Actually, It still is for me, you’re part of the lucky few 😉

        I’m really sorry, I’ll do my best but it’s been ages since I’ve played with an elf at my table. I’m really more into modern stuff and from time to time low fantasy/sword & sorcery, so if you ask me for feedback about elves I don’t have much to say. I’m using them as slim humans, basically. 😛
        That’s why I asked for elves with shorter ears if you want the whole story. 😉

        Now, on to what’s important: I love the modern female pack! 😛
        Hope the Modern Male pack will be up to the challenge. The Female Super pack should be quite interesting too. Pity that looks like an awful look of work. Bon Courage. 🙂


          Is there any way we could help the Beta testing?


          i think very soon will be on this phase. now we making the last strokes, and nobody can help.. 🙂 but very very soon!


            Getting everything to work and fixing the bugs.

            This is a try at “all in”, making a character with every category turned on (that don’t clash)

            New category: cloak


              The pics look great. I’m happy to see you’ve added a couple of black characters. Will these options become available in the human packs? I play a lot of Elder Scrolls and I’ve been dying to create portraits for some of my Redguard characters.


                I must say I like big flowing capes/cloaks; therefore, I’d go for things like http://epicgenerator.net/images/phocagallery/Forum/thumbs/phoca_thumb_l_uj.jpg
                rather than http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/210/cloak.jpg . Nevertheless, from time to time, the smaller size is useful as well. And, the more choices we have the funnier the result. And both look pretty cool anyway. 😉 🙂 :cheer:


                the pics are bad cropped and they are defformed, and they will look like _much better_ in program, but i could not resist to share them 🙂
                i will make some new shot when i finished the demo guys (oh, i have to make new forum thread for they :))

                The black skinned gals came with modern casual girl pack, but you can turn on only the skins, hair, and other items, if you dont want mix the modern and fantasy outfits 🙂


                kelemelan: the guys mostly have big cloaks, the gals mostly have smaller size. but i wrote mostly, because both have expections.. 😀


                i had a little time today morning
                open the program, made 3 random generated character from demo pack
                used to EXPORT, not a screenshot
                this is really close what will you get 🙂
                (click for image for full size)


                first 3 random from drow pack

                DEMO + DROW (first 3)


                first 3 random from drow pack

                DEMO + DROW (first 3)

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