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      I am fairly new here, but I am a graphic and website designer (among other things) and I would really like to see this site get active, and would like to help however I can. One way to do this is to intrigue members to take part in contests and forum games.

      This is the Build A Story game or BAS. the stories should be related to the ePic characters. Each player comes up with the next line of a continuing story. Each line can only be a certain number of words in length, for instance 30 words tops, but less is more 😉

      At the beginning of each BAS game there is a call for story lines only, the reason being a story needs to begin to take form before characters can be created. Later on, as each game takes off, a matching thread will be created to add a character making extention to any story that has progressed to the character creating point, and shows progress towards an ending to the story here in the forums.

      Each separate story that is created should start with BAS before the title of the story, as to distinuish a BAS from any other forum post.

      I will start a story in another thread, and hope you will all begin to join in.

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