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    thank you 😀
    you will find lot of food tutorial here:


      Talking about this got me inspired to work on the cover for my book. Here’s just a quick sketch of it. I want to paint it but that’s where my lack of experience comes in. 😀 I’ll go check out what you suggested.


      use references! especially for hands!
      the others great for sketch, but you should make some exercises like this: (i lately allways make studies before i make “art”. simply gives better result.)


      did not finished texture and arm study. will finish tomorrow, hopefully



      a commission 🙂



        Very nice 🙂


        hand studies, unfinished


        and the finished creature arms


        and 15min bobmarley



          2018 was insane. Father-in-law passed away, disabled son moved to the adult home, and our roof caved in twice due to a hurricane. Glad to see 2019 finally here. 😛 Anyway, been practicing painting for a while… Learning Photoshop CC.sinsofthesonsAGAIN7halfsize.png


            that looks awesome!!

            I am still stuck with PS E6, and probably will be forever lol..
            In any case, I have started digitally painting things again, but am still having trouble being happy with my edges.

            In many cases I do want it to look and have the feel of watercolor, or oil in some cases, but when I am painting figures like ladies etc, I can never seem to be happy with what the tools can or can’t do, and the edges never look natural enough to me….

            I have no idea how advanced or limited CC is, as I have never had the opportunity to try any thing else. I was very happy to have PSE6 but everything else seems out of my range at my age now anyway… I still get shocked when I see the prices of some of the software, bless the artists that can not only afford this, but have a young enough mind to still grasp the intricacy of the software itself… I’m lucky to remember what I said 5 minutes ago LMAO!!!

            😆 😆 😆 😆 sad but true


              Yeah, my husband and I had a chat. He wanted Netflix and I wanted Photoshop CC so that’s what we did. It’s weird paying a monthly fee for it, but they do keep it constantly upgraded and they keep adding new features. Been so amazing learning to use it, though I am very much a beginner. Here’s a screenshot of Photoshop CC 2019 in action so to speak. I really like it a lot.


                Looks really nice!


                  Thanks! 🙂

                  Yeah, you can kinda see my very slow progression on here….
                  I feel like I’m getting better, but it’s slow. I have no idea what I’m doing. 😀


                    I definitely see improvement 🙂

                    And my experience is that things will get clear, you just have to keep going! 🙂

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