Thanks, appreciate the offer but I’m good for now. It will be fun using the portrait/character generators to make my/our roleplay characters (and NPCs), especially for future games, but I can wait for the program to come out.

    I’ve only had the ecg program for a couple of days, but so far I’ve discovered ways to make feline, bull, human, elf, dwarf and orc-like characters, but it would be nice to have options for other fantasy races – in our games we’ve had players/characters that are kitsune, wolf-men, halflings and gnomes… the latter two being “main” races in D&D3/Pathfinder so support would be nice. Tbh, simply being able to make humans (for halflings) or elves (for gnomes) and make them shorter would probably suffice with the right outfits/hair and stuff. lol.

    Anyhow, just suggestions for obvious personal preference. My group plays a bit of everything and a variety of genres, so it’s all good… the more the merrier 🙂