Hi everyone, new here to nice to meet everyone

    [quote=”sade” post=2403]. i hope the rpg players, who prefer the tabletop gaming, and gms,and in rpg industry etc will have some demand for it.[/quote]

    I actually bought the Epic Character Generator for the purpose that this program serves. I’ve been roleplaying for years and for every game we always make coversheets for our characters, with pictures on them. Usually we end up looking for art or movie pics that we can use, and sometimes I run “art” filters/programs on pictures to end up with portraits for the character.

    If the quality in practice is as good as the sample shots, see me using this a lot. I just hope there will be more traditional-fantasy races available than the epic generator (such as halflings, gnomes, goblins, werewolves/lycanthropes, etc…) currently supports.

    Great work, looking forward to using [both of] them 🙂