That’s an interesting conversation. In my past I had to fight with sentences like “You was born there, that means you must be a racist”. It’s so easy to be accused for being a racist because of the birth, but I also know what happend because of racism, so I’m not surprized (If I use the right word). That doesn’t mean, that this was your intention, but could it be, that the feeling of racism hurts you? I’m asking, because I don’t know it, but if it’s the case I say, that it might not be the intention of the artists to ignore other skincolors and I will not criticize them for not thinking about that or not to being able to take them in. There also aren’t asian skins, indian skins and so on. Would be nice, if they would create skins for all sorts of us humans. Nothing I could claim for.

    One more thing. I’m not good enough to make skins, so I only made some tails and ears for free. Everyone, who thinks, he is able to make skins can try it and create a new pack. Maybe you are good in things like this or you know somebody. A pack for your daughter 😉