A bigger update has been released recently:
– changed from a custom config file format to json for more flexible content creation
– multi-level category linking is now supported, coloring, selection, alpha and sets can now be forwarded to multiple other categories
– multiple poses can now be achieved using the ‘set’ feature
– colors can be randomized too
– multiple items can be selected in the same category, and if the category is movable, these items can be moved around individually
– dynamic sale banners are added
– free pack counter is added
– tutorial has been changed to optional and a free pack is awarded upon completion
– several optimizations are done

Content update:
– Portrait Male and Female packs are moved under Season #3
– Season #2 Bestiary is moved from the Main Menu to all Season #2 sub menus

Developer pack:
– several improvements are done and all new features are added to the config tool
– icon generation is reworked from scratch to support arbitrary character structures instead of the pre-baked Season #2 like configs only