sorry, the generation show my taste ^^”
-of course she have short hair too 🙂
-face and makeup is not ready yet (im working on it, just im so rare can sit to work)
-she have TON OF wings 🙂 in various size and shape and colour 🙂 its again just show my taste, sorry, if i will finish more or less the pack i will send the other artist, and she will generate different characters 🙂
– she also have a bangage-outfit (i thought as base outfit), and some other
– other type wings: no. this will be a fairy set, only fairy related wardrobe and wings. this will be too much this way too 🙂 bad part of tematical packs. stick to theme 🙂 (i also made some gothic stuff to her, but it will rest on the hdd, and wait the goth pack 😀
thank you 😀