I really like these but now that you posted so many of them you start to see that there is something that makes them look a little bit similar. Maybe it’s those big eyes:)
    I think it’s important to try to add as much differences to the options as possible. For example:
    – Short, wild hair (now they all have beautiful long hair)
    – Different faces or expressions (if possible.. sad eyes, evil grin, maybe the little vampire-teeth etc.)
    – Bigger wings that are a bit more realistic in terms of flight-ability – but don’t let them crop of at the edge of the image (and many types: angel, bat, demon, etc.)
    – Primitive underwear/bikini: I see these fairies running and flying around half-naked in the woods… but cizilied clothing like pants and dresses are not very good for nature spirits and fairies.

    Just a few ideas.