hey, you can wear leather without being Goth! 😉 😛

    But no worry, I typed my original comment meant for a general modern pack and then I took notice this was “modern sporty”, that’s why I eventually pointed you to a search for “sportswear”. 🙂 My bad. Sorry about that.

    Since you’re asking, and now that I’ve explained “metal” was meant for general modern, the type of metal would depend on the setting of course. Silver, gold, copper and such in steampunk and gothic settings; super-alliages, adamantium, vibranium, questonite in super settings… basically: what have you! Anything goes! 😉 😛

    Ok, now for ideas… well, let’s visit the sellers’ catalogs if you will (nah, I’m not one of them, I swear 😉 😛 ) :
    and about equipment:

    This should give you a few things to work with, I hope. 🙂