[quote=”caenissnow” post=3219]Okay, first impressions….

    Firstly, wonderful voice. Wow!

    Secondly, the music at the start was a bit loud for me. I had to turn it down and then back up again when the narration began. I didn’t see a ‘settings’ menu yet. Is there one? Or, did I miss it? I do really like the music though. 🙂 ****UPDATE**** Made my Nira character and now I see ‘options’. Yay! I’m not sure what ME stands for though. Fiddling with the volume settings now.

    Some of the story doesn’t know I’m female.

    Is there a way to make it full screen?

    Is there a way to have the text advance with the voice?

    I died three times already. 😀 Just testing stuff. 😀 Gotta finish my lunch and then I’ll have a look again. :)[/quote]

    Thanks for playing! And thanks for the compliment 🙂

    The audio is definitely something I have to look into, the volume is sometimes a bit off.

    I think the game can be made to play full screen, but I’m afraid it will get all a bit distorted then 🙁
    The original window, with which the program started, was even smaller, don’t really know why. Or perhaps that is custom with Japanese RPG’s? I know the program was originally build for those.

    And yeah, I wrote the story kind of from my own viewpoint 🙂 Female viewpoints will be added!

    The text can also be set to scroll, but it goes at lightning speed, still figuring out how to slow it down….

    Thanks for the points! I’ll go work on them right away.