Thought I’d get back to doing my own characters 😛

    First ‘depiction’ I’ve done of Antheia (I haven’t completed her name yet -she just exists so far in my outlines and a few snippets I’ve written, haven’t done the stories with her yet).

    Antheia is a Kharunian farm girl who’s family -like many farmers- lived on the outskirts of Ker Spire, outside the city walls, and fled when the armies of Ardanya finally managed to push the Kharunians back to the Spire cities. Unlike many farmers though, her family fled north rather than take shelter inside the city and thus escaped the city’s subsequent destruction. She was 12 years old at the time.

    Her family re-settled after the war in a small community northwest of the ruins of Ker Spire. 12 years later she’d find herself falling in love with a certain former Tali’Centi, whom found himself unwittingly acting as the town’s protector through an unfortunate series of events.

    This would eventually end up putting Marcellus in an awkward position, as he was torn between his troublesome relationship with a beautiful outgoing, fiery and somewhat volatile sorceress (who, as previously noted, being a mage is almost universally hated by Kharunians. Antheia, her family, and the rest of the town being no exception), and the pretty, smiling and phlegmatic Kharunian farm girl.

    I think I still need to do a few tweaks to the image.. eyes are the wrong colour and I’m not sure I like the hair.