[quote=”Fasoldgames” post=2610]Nice, I like the Runelord. She does look a bit….evil though, or is that just me.[/quote]

    She’s the last of the Thassilonian Runelords of Wrath. A worshiper of many demons, she favoured those who, like her, loved wrath and destruction. She created a series of small, minor runewells she used to devour the souls of wrathful individuals and create her army of sinspawn (a type of aberration). She used her armies of sinspawn, magically altered soldiers, and enslaved giants to wage war on her fellow Runelords (usually Kharzog, the Runelord of Greed and ruler of Shalast) while she ruled over Bakrakhan. She created Hellstorm Flumes -giant towers standing over 700′ tall (assumed, as none now remain standing)- to throw firestorms over several miles.

    Maybe she’s just misunderstood 😉