Thanks! I’m working on a Tabletop Simulator module for prototyping (it’s WAAAYYY faster and cheaper than doing it all by hand), I’ll link it when I get the game to a playtestable state.


    I completely see where you’re coming from, and I don’t entirely disagree, either, and have similarly “stuck to the old ways” with other subjects 🙂


    The reason I still use Season 1 packs is for variety. Season 2 content may, overall, look better but overall there’s much less of it compared to season 1 content, and overall I find it less versatile. Particularly the lack of different poses means I’m not doing everything in one season or one set. It’s fine for one-off or a small number of characters, but when you have 8 of them side-by-side the identical poses are quite jarring and very obvious. Hence I mix it up a bit.

    For the counter art the lower quality isn’t much of an issue anyway, since printed they’re 1″x1″ counters.

    I like the results you have there with the effects. I have to maintain transparent backgrounds on my images which generally requires sharply defined edges. Regardless, I haven’t finalized the art style yet so I’ll definitely play around with your suggestions there and see what I come up with!