For the sake of it, allow me a short explanation, Fasold:

    Just because it’s fun: role playing game means game about roleplaying, actually, dice are optional 😉

    To me, it’s all about being someone else and that’s why I feel constrained by a board of any kind, or a virtual word in a mmo, and so on… Only a GM can give me the actual freedom I’m looking for (by being able to change the world if necessary). And that’s why I hate it when these other games call themselves RPG. Simply because they are not providing a true RPG experience. And I was playing actual RPGs before they stole the word so I feel cheated when they use that same word. 🙂

    Not expecting an answer, just explaining a perspective : mine.

    But I’m not going down this road again, let’s enjoy the ePic effects, these are much more fun. 🙂