[quote=”Kelemelan” post=3580]Well, let me illustrate with Champions’master villainess Gravitar.

    She’s one of Champions’ most important (and most powerful) character, and she’s supposed to be french.

    Her name is Erica d’Monstressart.

    Just one thing, no idea where she’s coming from, but it isn’t from France. Such a name can’t exist here, she should be either Erica Monstressart or Erica de Monstressart (from a strictly grammatical perspective), now I’d add that her name should be Montressart anyway, that’s just me but this extra “s” sounds… english, if you get my drift. 🙂


    That’s why I was asking, if your intent was to create some kind of latin or romance society, then, I would have added some comments. Since you drifted some conventions of your own for the setting, that’s fine with me. This is your world, you can do what you will. 🙂 ^_^[/quote]

    Gotchya. Makes sense.

    My French familiarity is really limited to QuĂ©bĂ©cois (despite our schools attempting to teach Parisian French…), which of course is a strange amalgamation of… stuff…