My concern is that unlike your usual modern character, a good part of supers are dressed up in some kind of spandex with maybe some accessories.

    Therefore, in their case, choosing a costume is usually more about whether you need a half blue/half yellow (top to bottom) skintight suit or maybe a half blue/half yellow (left to right) skintight suit… or any other combination. Add a few symbols, letters, capes, apparatus, and you will probably end up with some kind of super costume.

    The modern packs we’re discussing seems to be more about new gimmicks than this kind of perspective. Just wondering.

    If I may, I’d suggest more athletic body types to that end, since all of this is skintight. Once again, I’m no coder, I’m just guessing. 🙂

    Maybe you already included all these customization options in the ePic to come, then please, ignore my ranting. 🙂