Bows to Sade who serves my every wish. 😀
And again, Sade knew what the cause of my problem was, even when I didn’t.
Putting a high diadem or tiara on that forehead would look majestic, yes.

The fair haired one with the red stones is gorgeous.

For that drow look (disregard what you already have made):
Black scarf (semi transparent), mask
Like the barbarian, tattoos, magical symbol, spider, glowing bracelet tattoo
Dark elvish shield (leaf shape, like elf, but with fangs, or mandibles on it, and dark colour)
Ritual weapons, obsidian knife, bloody sword
The heart of somebody, if that’s not too gory
Drow like to use blunt weapons too, mace, flail, with dark runes

Don’t know about copyright, but the snake headed whip if one of my favourites.