ok, i try to explain
sorry for my english
imagine 3 base character (later it will be more perhaps, for now 3 is enough)
male muscular
male normal
(dont imagine races)

you will able to set the race for female in body option
it will be a new window, called settings, where you can set witch pack you want see for the character(and which body options). so EVERYTHING what i did for female (sorcerer, pirate, elf, etc) it will be totally mix and matchable..

the stocking. if i have at least five pack, i will make a separate pack, only for stocking. modern, fantasy.. just because i can make many stocks, it would fill a separate pack.. and its deserve it 🙂 (ragged, fantasy, etc.. focused to the legs 🙂 (garters (this is the word?) etc).

ah, and little thing. when i will finish the modern pack for the female… and if you want, you just check the modern box with fantasy, and you can make a modernfantasy character too 😀 also the modern packs will mix and matchable with other moderns, and other fantasy.

i hope i was understandable now. sorry for my english.