This attire is lovely 🙂

    I’m not sure you intend to implement that outfit on standard elves but just in case you do:

    On normal, non-drow elves, I would propose an alternate “light” (as in light versus dark) version. In the “light” version, I’d change the color patterns: red -> blue, black -> white, black metal -> silver or gold metal.

    My idea is that the black attire’s color patterns work fine with dark haired dark skined drows but not so much with blonde haired blue eyed fair skined High Elves. 🙂 Hence the alternate color pattern. Plus, if I understand you correctly, using it on normal elves would solve drows’ visibility issues. What do you think ?

    [Side Note: Could I have standard sized ears on standard elves, please ? 🙁 Eventually that is. ]