Unlike Greg, I’d rather have robes (like in http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/b11.jpg) than skirts. (like elven ears, to each his own 😛 )
    I prefer my drows to be either **partly** naked (erotism is in the suggestion otherwise it’s just nudity 😉 ) or majestically draped in robes. Long skirts work too. Minis not so much. 😛

    http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/skirt.jpg and http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/b15.jpg look great. 🙂

    The tints you used for the clothes in http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/b15.jpg look especially nice. The reds and blacks are very finely outlined. Maybe you could adjust the other reds/blacks in the other pics based on them ?

    Oh, eh, and I really like http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/b11.jpg, she looks like a dark Galadriel to me… hence my request for more robes 😉 B)