I like that you show the possibilities of mix-and-match. 🙂

    The background is fantastic, I had flashbacks of the first Drizzt novel, with the Narbondel (the glowing clock)

    The pet is a bit bizarre, because the hands are almost as long as it’s head (or it’s just the way it holds it’s head). But who else has bizarre pets than the drow.

    I really like the right hand spell effect, the floating lights with different sizes gives depth to it.

    But, I have problems with the right hand wand. The head of the wand looks beautiful, but shouldn’t the dragon be upside down? When she raises it, the tail of the dragon would point at the enemy, and the head towards the drow. And the shaft of the wand is not in her hand, but hanging behind her fingers.
    If you fix the shaft and rotate the head of the wand, would it look better, or the gold dragon wouldn’t look so good?