plus several character skin will be added to all clothing pack. 😀

the generation 2 characters will be base male, base female, manga (perhaps child, teen), and when i will make a “human female evil women pack, this will be for this base, and with one mouse click you will able to mix and match (turn on off the categories 🙂

as you know im moving after one month (but im living already on temporary place, what i cant really handle 🙁 ), and lbandy is also busy. he will have to also rewrite -almost- everything in code, i have to repaint the gui, and cropping the packs what im ready with..and i have to tell, i want make at least 10 packs when we willbe ready .. so we plan it to next year..
i hope it seems im also develop in painting and 3d too, so the result will be much better, but for it i need time. i think you already know for me i LOVE to do it, and i do my best.

i put the first prioriry now the quality.. i allways will share the things for feedbacks, and you know i m also listen to them, and i know you are come back for time for time, i will keep the site update, and i need your feedback and suggessions badly, because im girl (ok, woman), and .. you know, i m.. totally forgot about beards too o.o”