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    Ah, but isn’t that a bit problematic. I can see the separation of the spellcaster types… but within one type there should be both good and evil characters. Say, if you add the shaman-stuff in into another spellcaster-pack: I think there should be “good” shamans too and not only evil shamans. The same with jungle/tribal/voodoo magic stuff. The difference between good and evil would be maybe the character skin + whatever the character is holding in his/her hands. Shouldn’t there be both good and evil tribal magic stuff?

    My point is that type is not the same as good/evil. There are a two dozen spellcaster types (wizard,alchemist,druid,priest,necromancer,shaman,healer,…) but I think all of them could have good or evil characters.

    I might be misunderstanding things and getting everything wrong though :)[/quote]

    The base character would be the same for all packs, and the thematically separated items can be used at the same time, so you would be able to create a mixture of any packs you own. We just try to overcome the often mentioned problem that every character should be able to be used in any setting, and putting everything into one big pack would be extremely hard to manage, and would cost a lot to buy, so we’re separating those items which can relate in different packages, and you would be able to get only what you need.