[quote=”sade” post=521]the evil witches, the shamas, the woodoo stuff, and every evil non hermetic spellcasters will be in another pack. (with dark evil backgrounds, props, hair, character, etc)[/quote]

    Ah, but isn’t that a bit problematic. I can see the separation of the spellcaster types… but within one type there should be both good and evil characters. Say, if you add the shaman-stuff in into another spellcaster-pack: I think there should be “good” shamans too and not only evil shamans. The same with jungle/tribal/voodoo magic stuff. The difference between good and evil would be maybe the character skin + whatever the character is holding in his/her hands. Shouldn’t there be both good and evil tribal magic stuff?

    My point is that type is not the same as good/evil. There are a two dozen spellcaster types (wizard,alchemist,druid,priest,necromancer,shaman,healer,…) but I think all of them could have good or evil characters.

    I might be misunderstanding things and getting everything wrong though 🙂