One more thing… Sade, please don’t forget to add some very nasty evil female spellcasters too… I’m just getting worried because the images you have posted to the forum are all so pretty and nice looking ladies 🙂

    For example pale-skinned and black eyed evil looking females, female undeads with half of their face showing through a skull and burning eyes etc. Something in this direction – just even more evil 🙂

    Black Sabbath has this song “Lady Evil” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc7MJ7K3ldw … I’d really like to know if there are options to create the Lady Evil too 🙂

    “And they only speak in whispers of her name
    There’s a lady they say who feeds the darkness
    It eats right from her hand
    With a crying shout she’ll search you out
    And freeze you where you stand
    Lady Evil, evil
    She’s a magical, mystical woman
    Lady Evil, evil in my mind
    She’s queen of the night”
    The song has nice lyrics too:)