Still for page 10:
    – The big floating spellbook is superb!
    – The smoke-haired tattooed girl is also a nice addition. It’s always a bonus to get ‘new races’ from the usual ones. The cat-eyes stand out nicely from the bluish skin.
    – About the mask: I’d like to create robbers or rogues with a black mask. I think a zorro-mask (black mask over the eyes) or a black scarf over the face (like the bank robbers in western http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2011/08/20/article-2028131-0D7F9E5600000578-118_233x423.jpg ) would do nicely. The zorro-mask might work for a superhero too. I think they are pretty universal and could be used in many contexts. Robbers, superheros, spiritual clans (with robes), ninja-type fighters etc.